Teaching and learning strand deliverables


One of the unique aspects of the Penn Residency Masters in Teaching program is its integrated design. Rather than taking individual and isolated courses, PRMT Fellows conduct work integrated across three strands: Teaching and Learning, Reflective Practice, and History, Culture, and Social Contexts of Boarding Schools. The following topics are covered within the teaching and learning strand: learning theory, adolescent development, learning through observation, instructional technologies, creating effective learning communities, instructional design - understand assessment,  and adolescent development. 


Date written: January 29, 2017

Description of/Assignment: For this assignment, you must write a 12-15 page paper in which you build an argument[1] that describes your vision of the factors that contribute to an effective learning environment, how those factors interact to create an effective learning environment, and what this means for your work as a teacher. To write this paper you should draw on three main sources: 1) your experience as a student and teacher 2) the literature used in the program[2], and 3) data gathered in a series of observation exercises that are described below. There is no proscribed format for this paper.

Date written: October 23, 2016

Description of/Assignment: The Portrait of a Learner assignment is designed to enable you to accomplish several goals: (i) engage in systematic and sustained observation of a student as a way to understand the student’s learning; (ii) experiment with collecting and interpreting multiple kinds of information on your student (developmental, academic, social, emotional); (iii) refine your knowledge of how to come to know students as individuals and members of a classroom community; and (iv) articulate ways you might use this knowledge as a teacher. 

Date written: July 11, 2016

Description of/Assignment: Question how some of the themes addressed during the week at the end of June relate to your own educational autobiography written before the week of Penn classes. Look forward and ask how some of the themes addressed during the week in June will influence your practice as a teacher, coach, and advisor in the year to come. Select a few salient topics for this paper. 

Date written: June 20, 2016

Description of/Assignment: Our educational experiences as learners as well as those of our family strongly impact the way we understand classrooms, teaching and learning. This assignment invites you to describe and examine the significant facets of your own experiences as a learner in grades K-12. This is a personal narrative. The purpose of the personal narrative is to engage your thinking about the nature of your educational history. You will draw on this narrative during summer sessions and will revisit it throughout the program.