Subject methods deliverables


The purpose of this course was to inquire into what it means to teach and learn mathematics. We examined our curricula and standards as well as investigated how our curricular choices support quality mathematics engagement and learning. The goal was to provide a foundation for identifying and evaluating our mathematics teaching practices and how these practices impact our students.



Math Methods project

Date written: December 20, 2017

Description of Assignment: This project will support you in inquiring what it means to teach and learn mathematics. This project will assist you in linking standards to tasks and in examining the types of tasks that are used to develop conceptual understanding of these standards. This project will also allow you to investigate how students engage with tasks and what can be gained from assessment analysis.



Date created: June 16, 2017

Description of Assignment: The final project in this course is a Padlet wall & presentation from research conducted on a topic related to equity and teaching mathematics.  Padlet is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to post a variety of different resources.Your Padlet wall should be set up so that any visitors to your wall would be able to understand your research without you present to inform them.