Mia Hebra - 2016 - 2017

former Student

"The engineering lab had been portrayed, in my eyes, as an intimidating environment where students with immense intelligence thrived - where slow learners would drown - and more pressing, a place where men dominated. And yet, my experience taking engineering projects was the complete opposite of what I was expecting.

Ms. Mittleman inspired me to be fearless in the classroom (and in life) which was something I struggled with throughout my high school career—fear of being shut down, silenced by those higher up in the hierarchy of my classmates. Her presence in the lab provided a necessary comfort for me and the other females to have a successful outcome."

anonymous student feedback

winter 2018

"Ms. Mittelman guides us to making our own discoveries about physics and is very happy when we come to the correct conclusion as a class"

"She provides extra help when needed. Clearly explains physics topics with helpful diagrams. Gives good feedback on lab reports. Very enthusiastic about the material and engaged in the class."

"Ms. Mittelman has a lot of respect for her students and a passion for our shared goal of a successful robot. She's an excellent and fun teacher."

"Robotics has been my favorite class so far this year. This is due mostly to the abilities of Ms. Mittelman as our teacher, as she has found the perfect medium between learning and fun and always keeps me engaged."

Anonymous student feedback

fall 2017

"I LOVE THIS CLASS! I love the project based material and I know she cares about each and every one of us. She is very approachable and kind."

"I would not have been able to tell that my engineering class was one of the first classes that Ms Mittelman has taught on her own, if I didn't already know. She is so organized and on top of everything from grading to creating fun homework assignments. She keeps the somewhat rowdy class under control and makes each block new and interesting. She is always willing to talk about my progress in the class, and gives helpful feedback through our weekly journals."

"Ms Mittelman is such a great teacher and is also super helpful. She is so sweet and extremely supportive, and is great in helping teach you material."

"Miss Mittelman is doing a great job teaching our physics class. She is always prepared for class and can answer on the spot questions. I find physics very difficult but she understand that which I really appreciate. She is always available for extra help. I really appreciate how hard she works and how she manages my class of students."