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ENgineering Program is full steam ahead

“I am also really excited to be the female role model I never had ... There are times I wish someone had been there in my ear to say, ‘You are right. You are just as capable.’ Now, I get to show up here every day and tell them ‘You are just as good.’”


STEM makes a splash

With the 12-person class broken into three teams, the students tested submarines made from PVC pipes and pool noodles in a series of time trials and agility drills. It’s one of the many project-based labs in this introduction to engineering course taught by Penn Residency Master's in Teaching (PRMT) fellow Jane Mittelman. 

Sandbox Speaker Series

Jane presents on her experience as an engineering student, as well as a new project-based engineering course she designed and taught this year. She discusses how she came to develop the course, how she gets the students excited about learning, and lessons learned. Courses taught by Jane have inspired countless students in her classroom to pursue engineering as a career.